The fashion for sterile interiors dominated by white and gray has been going on for several years now. The same furniture designs from well-known chain stores are present in almost every apartment inspired by advertising catalogs. Do you have any doubts as to whether it is worth going with this trend and getting caught up… Read Article →

The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the apartment. This is where we regenerate after a day full of challenges – it is important that the bedroom is conducive to rest and guarantees a healthy, restful sleep. A properly decorated bedroom is one that is both nice and practical. Like every… Read Article →

Until recently, immaculately white, Scandinavian interiors were the leader in all interior design guides. It was also hard to imagine that this trend would go away one day, and yet… Currently, we focus on colors and not just any colors, because they are dark, saturated and expressive. Natural accessories are still in fashion, preferably those… Read Article →

The popularity of upholstered furniture has been a trend that has not gone out of fashion for several years. Upholstered furniture impresses with its appearance and a wonderful color palette. Before buying upholstered furniture, customers have some concerns about keeping clean. Fortunately, there are upholstery fabrics that are dirt repellent and easy to clean. Stain-resistant… Read Article →

Elegant and luxurious. However, it is important to properly emphasize the depth of the color. Thanks to this, the room will look cozy. That is why it is worth paying attention to a few connections that will work in any case, but also make the room take on a real character. Strong character First of… Read Article →

A children’s room is often the smallest in a flat or house. However, this limited space is usually crowded with multifunctionality, which is usually difficult to find in other rooms. If you think about it carefully, a children’s room has to combine many activities – it is a place for study, play, wardrobe and bedroom… Read Article →

Every year, the eyes of designers, designers and trendsetters related to the interior design industry turn to the fashion catwalks. Yes, the latest collections of fashion designers are a source of inspiration for color trends in the field of interior design for the next season, ranging from wall colors, through the colors of textiles, to… Read Article →

The beds, and more precisely the frames that are to hold the frame and mattress, can be made of different materials. Wooden beds are the most popular, upholstered beds are considered the most exclusive, and metal ones are heavy but very durable. So what kind of bed should you choose? Wooden beds Wooden furniture is… Read Article →

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