Tips on How to Plan and Host Your First Hybrid Event

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It’s no secret that hybrid events, which are simply events that combine live and virtual experiences, are this year’s biggest event trend. In fact, 73% of event planners expect hybrid events to be more common in the future. Even if you have experience planning both in-person and virtual events, it may seem overwhelming to host your first hybrid event. In order for your event to run smoothly and to truly integrate the two event types, extra considerations are required in the planning process.

To get you started with your first hybrid event, we’ve pulled together some of our best tips as you plan.

Tips on hosting successful hybrid events
Though many suppliers will claim they can support your hybrid event needs, you’ll need to be sure that both your in-person and online event providers are aligned in their process and delivery. It’s up to you to understand exactly what you need from all of your suppliers as you’re researching.

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Spend extra time planning your event upfront, so that you can review your detailed list of needs with vendors on both sides, and understand what their capabilities are and what their process is. If possible, make sure to ask about any additional costs associated with setup for features you plan to include at the event. If you’re unsure about the specific details you’d like to include, at least have well-defined event goals ready so that your potential suppliers can offer various tools and strategies that will support those goals.

Once you’ve shortlisted some in-person and virtual event companies, ask to set up a call between your top choices to make sure their services are compatible. You should feel confident that your suppliers can work together to help you hit your goals.

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