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It’s astounding to think about how far online businesses have come over the past few years. At one time, you had what was on the storefront and that was that. Now, with machine learning, your system is constantly running data points on customers based on their profile and the type of things they search for on your site/store.

As a testament to this growth, MIT Sloan Management Review reported that 76 percent of companies now use machine learning as a normal part of their business model to boost revenue. Maybe you’re new to using machine learning in your company, or maybe you’re looking for ways to improve your already established system.

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You can change your algorithm to target customers who view certain content pages in your blog. For example, if you sell pet products, you can use machine learning to sell cat products to people who view your articles with cats in the title.

This is a win-win situation, because you can link to your products within your blog post. Machine learning is expanding in leaps and bounds and able to offer customers the right products at the right time.

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